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Apr 24, 2015

A study visit to the Delegation of the European Union in Sarajevo

On the 24th of April, a study visit to the Delegation of the European Union in Sarajevo was organized. The members of Burch DC: Saliha Sümeyye Zeren, Mehmet Han Demiralay, Kemal Nedžibović, Yaman Al Mallah, Nadina Čosić, Amar Suljević, Edin Bajramović, Harun Karavdić, Kadir Şentürk, Ali Faik Korkmaz and Emina Smajić, and some students from the Faculty of Education of our University had a chance of reception into the building of the Delegation. A meeting and conversation with Ole Hammer, political adviser of EUSR, was organized in which he explained the students the process of EU intergrations. After his speech, an open discussion was started where students asked direct questions about the process of intergrating Bosnia and Herzegovina in the European Union.

            This visit was a part of a program called «EU i TI» (EU and YOU), which is spozored by the high representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and want to approach the process of intergrating in the EU to the students from BH universities.

            In 2015, a participation in this program will take 10 public universities, and only one private university: our International Burch University. Mentor on this program is Ešref Kenan Rašidagić, prof. dr. – Headf of the Department of International Relations and European Studies at the International Burch University.