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Feb 05, 2015

Allview IT&M Challenge Conference

A group of seven students (included students of IRES) from different study programs at International Burch University attended one day conference Allview IT&M Challenge, held in Academy 387 in Sarajevo on 15th of November. The conference had an aim of encouraging young people for innovations, creativity and entrepreneurship, which is also a vision of our University.


The conference in the field of information technologies (IT) and marketing gathered students, freelancers, developers, marketing managers, and other participants who wanted to extend and improve the existing with specific knowledge in the sector of information and communication technologies.


Our students had  the opportunity to hear more about latest solutions, trends and prospects of development of the IT sector, but also about the role and secrets of marketing in development and commercialization of IT products. The program was divided into a number of the currently interesting issues presented by domestic and regional experts in these fields.