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Mar 22, 2016

IGAS Held a Presentation at BURCH University

On Wednesday, March 22, 2016, BURCH Diplomacy Club organized a lecture by Mr. Senad Alibegović of the Initiative Group Alpbach Sarajevo for all students of the BURCH University.

The presentation was titled „How to apply for a scholarship for the European Forum Alpbach“ and focused on various helpful tips on how to successfully apply and get a scholarship to the prestigious European Forum Alpbach, which is held annually in August and costs over 1.500KM.

At the end of the presentation, which was held in various other universities across Bosnia and Herzegovina in the local languages, the audience had several questions for the speaker.

The presentation ended with the President of the BURCH  Diplomacy Club, Amer Kurtović, thanking Mr. Alibegović and handing him a letter of appreciation on behalf of the hosting institution.

Both BURCH Diplomacy Club and BURCH University look forward to more such presentations and closer cooperation with the Initiative Group Alpbach Sarajevo.

Mr. Senad Alibegović is a Master student of Architecture at the International University of Sarajevo and of the Faculty of Political Sciences of the University of Sarajevo, where he focuses on European integrations. His list of accomplishments and achievements is very long and his participation at the European Forum Alpbach is just one of many, but one he is very fond of and loves to talk about.