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Dec 09, 2016

Burch DC Members Visited the Directorate of European Integrations

Yesterday, on Thursday, December 8, 2016, 28 members of Burch Diplomacy Club and seven students of the third year of the Department of International Business, along with two professors, visited the Directorate of European Integrations in order to become more acquainted with the Directorate’s role in the European integrations process of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

 There, they learned about the history of the European Union, why Bosnia and Herzegovina wants to join the European Union, experiences of neighboring states in the accession process, and how that process will likely look for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

 Today, on December 9, the European Union will hand the famous Questionnaire with over 3,000 questions to the Prime Minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina, who will task the Directorate of European Integrations with answering it, so it was of particular interest to the members of Burch Diplomacy Club.

 The Directorate’s employees were confident that Bosnia and Herzegovina’s accession process into the European Union would last longer than Croatia’s, but would nonetheless move relatively quickly. The projected year of entry is 2030.

 All members were invited to stay up to date with the work of the Directorate of European Integrations and even participate in filling out the Questionnaire, which will be available to the general public shortly.