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IRES Student Participated in an Education "Diplomacy and Law"
Apr 15, 2017

IRES Student Participated in an Education "Diplomacy and Law"

Amer Kurtović, a second year student of the Department of International Relations and European Studies at International Burch University, participated in an education "Diplomacy and Law" organized by the Democratic Youth Movement's Legal Center and Consultancy "Paragraf."

  The education dealt with the influence of international law on the development of diplomacy throughout the years and aimed to explain to the participants the interconnedted relationship between the two.

  The education was split into three parts: an overview of international law, an overview of diplomacy, and a simulation of diplomacy in light of contemporary international law.

  Both of the first two parts included active and lively discussions between the educator, Ernad Deni Čomaga, and the several dozen participants.

  The final part included each of the participants taking the role of a country in pre-World War I Europe and negotiating treaties in order to maximize their respective countries' relative power.

  This was the second time in which our students participated in educational activities organized by the Democratic Youth Movement or its subsidiary organizations.