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IRES Students Participate in Seminar about Economic Diplomacy
Feb 17, 2017

IRES Students Participate in Seminar about Economic Diplomacy

Tajra Hadžić and Nejra Lilić, International Relations and European Studies students at International Burch University, attended in a seminar on "Economic Diplomacy" organized by the Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina in cooperation with the Civil Service Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina on Wednesday and Thursday, February 15 and 15.

  Topics covered in the seminar include international marketing as the basis of international business, international economic law, international negotiations and trade agreements, country promotion in international relations, and more.

  Economic diplomacy is a form of diplomacy in which states use their economic power to achieve their interests, both economic and non-economic ones alike. Economically powerful states use economic diplomacy to coax or coerce other states ti act favorably in international politics, while economically weak states use economic diplomacy primarily to attract foreign direct investment and obtain access to new markets for their exports.

  "I'm very glad to have attended and participated in this seminar because it taught me the importance of economic diplomacy and the importance of having a well-trained and well-funded foreign service for economic prosperity," said Lilić about the seminar.