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Ajla Dedić, an IRES Student, Participated in an Erasmus+ Training Course
May 20, 2019

Ajla Dedić, an IRES Student, Participated in an Erasmus+ Training Course

Ajla Dedić, a second-year student at the Department of International Relations and European Studies, participated in a week-long training course on the topic of “Youth, Business, Better” funded by the European Union and organized by the Center for Sustainable Development, on behalf of the Association “BRAVO.”

The training course took place in Subotica, Serbia between May 6 and May 12 and was about entrepreneurship and self-employment as tools to decrease overall unemployment rates, youth activism in rural areas, and activism in general. Thirty-two young people from eight countries in the European Union and the Western Balkans took part in the training.

Topics covered during the training course include communication, debating, trust, teamwork, and understanding cultural differences in the light of entrepreneurship. “By mastering those soft skills, especially those related to interpersonal relationships, it will be much easier to be a good and successful entrepreneur,” Dedić explained.

“We had an opportunity to develop our own social business ideas, to brainstorm a lot, and think about which ideas would be interesting to potential investors,” Dedić commented. With this knowledge and newfound contacts, “we will be able to develop much better ideas and be more successful once founding a start-up,” Dedić says.

Since unemployment is one of the biggest challenges facing our societies, according to Dedić, training courses like these are helpful in and even necessary to decrease unemployment, provide subsistence to more people, and decrease the brain drain that Western Balkans countries are currently dealing with.

Dedić is one of the best students at the Department, managing to excel academically while partaking in such extracurricular activities of social significance. In addition, the Department is more than happy to accommodate and support such ambitious students like her. We are very proud of our Ajla Dedić.