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Bus Line to Hrasnica Reinstated, after the Project of Tajra Hadžić, IRES Graduate
Aug 12, 2019

Bus Line to Hrasnica Reinstated, after the Project of Tajra Hadžić, IRES Graduate

Tajra Hadžić, a recent graduate of the Department of International Relations and European Studies, contributed to cantonal authorities’ decision to reinstat a bus line from the city center to Hrasnica after a two-year hiatus through her project conducted as a part of Shuler Helfen Leben’s Academy for Young Leaders.

In 2016, the Ministry of Transport of Canton Sarajevo unilaterally closed the existing bus line from City Hall to Hrasnica, which was operated by Centrotrans. Thus, commuters had only one mode of public transportation which they were obliged to use or, failing that, use a taxi, which is far too expensive for most classes of commuters and especially students. 

This decision caused many problems for residents who commuted from one part to the other and, specifically, for students who lived in Sarajevo but studied at a university located in Ilidža. One of these students was Hadžić, who decided to do something about her everyday problem as a part of SHL’s Academy for Young Leaders.

Her project focused on conducting a public opinion poll on the decision to close the bus line and organizing a petition to reinstate the bus line. By the end of the project and with support of the Municipality of Ilidža, she gathered over 750 signatures to reinstate the bus line from City Hall to Hrasnica.

Then, based on the public opinion survey and with the help of the association of citizens ENERGIS, she wrote a detailed report and analysis, which she sent to members of the cantonal assembly, hoping to “find a partner that will work with me and other stakeholders to reinstate the bus line,” Hadžić said.

In her search for partners, she found Elvis Vreto, a member of the Assembly of Canton Sarajevo from Our Party, and Adnan Šteta, the transportation minister in the new Government of Canton Sarajevo. “They supported the project, bring it back to the limelight, and problematizing it during sessions of the Assembly and Government,” Hadžić explained.

Even with the support of a parliamentarian and a minister, progress on reinstating the bus line was slow; however, cantonal authorities did finally reinstate it, albeit in a modified way. The bus line will no longer run from Vijećnica to Hrasnica but from Drvenija to Hrasnica.

Two years after the initial bus line was closed and more than a year after Hadžić’s project began, she and all other residents will once again be able to ride from the city center to the city’s periphery using one mode of transportation.

“I look forward to being able to go from Drvenija to Hrasnica and anywhere in between I would like without having to change from a tram to a bus,” Hadžić commented. “This would’ve been impossible without the support of people that care about the wishes and needs of citizens, namely Elvis Vreto and Adnan Šteta,” Hadžić concluded.

Hadžić was one of the most successful students at the Department of International Relations and European Studies and we are proud of her accomplishments, both curricular and extracurricular. We are glad to have supported Hadžić in her project and other ambition. We are very proud of our Tajra Hadžić.