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Emina Kovačević, an IRES Student, is an Active Participant in Let’s Do It
Apr 22, 2019

Emina Kovačević, an IRES Student, is an Active Participant in Let’s Do It

Emina Kovačević, a second-year student at the Department of International Relations and European Studies, has been an active participant of the citizens’ association “Hands” (bos. Ruke) since 2017, thus far primarily participating in the activities “A Million Seedlings in a Day” and “Clean the Earth in a Day,” which are a part of the Let’s Do It project.

Let’s Do It, which is organized by citizens’ associations “Ruke” and “Mosaic of Friendship,” is a project that started in 2012 and has been operating on an ongoing basis ever since. In the seven years since, nearly 200,000 volunteers in over 100 municipalities throughout the country have participated in its two activities.

“A Million Seedlings in a Day” is an activity that aims to plant a million tree seeds throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. So far, 446,218 tree seedlings have been planted. Trees are an integral part of human existence, providing us with the air we breathe, so providing for the regeneration of trees is imperative.

“Clear the Earth in a Day” is an activity that aims to clean all illegal landfills in the country. So far, volunteers have cleaned around 13,350 tons of trash and transferred them to legal landfills in accordance with legal provisions. Living in a clean and healthy environment is important for animals, humans, and plants alike.

Kovačević is an activity coordinator, where she has organized various aspects of all activities since 2017, when she became actively involved in the project. Furthermore, she also participates as a volunteer, cleaning illegal landfills and planting tree seedlings several times per year in Sarajevo.

On top of that, she is participating in another Let’s Do It activity: the education quiz Eco Children. It is being realized in cooperation with Face TV and it consists of 7th graders from 32 elementary schools from Canton Sarajevo competing in environmental knowledge on television for a grand prize of 1,000 KM.

“Participating in activities such as this one really fulfills me. Although there are many more pressing issues facing our country and despite the fact that they are much more popular, someone has to take care of the environment we live in and I’m more than happy to contribute to that,” Kovačević says.

Kovačević is one of the best students at the Department, managing to excel academically while partaking in such extracurricular activities of social significance. In addition, the Department is more than happy to accommodate and support such ambitious students like Kovačević. We are very proud of our Emina Kovačević.