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Iman Karajić, an IRES student, participated in an Erasmus+ training course
Mar 25, 2019

Iman Karajić, an IRES student, participated in an Erasmus+ training course

Between March 2nd and March 10th, Iman Karajić, a third-year student at the Department of International Relations and European Studies, participated in an Erasmus+ training course entitled “Development of Online Course in Youth Work for Inclusion and Social Entrepreneurship” in Novi Sad, Serbia and was the only participant from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The course “aimed to build capacity of youth workers and youth organizations in social entrepreneurship with/for young immigrants and asylum seekers,” according to www.salto-youth.net, which is a platform for facilitating youth work and promoting such activities for their audience. It gathered 24 participants from six countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Germany, Italy, Macedonia, and Serbia.

The organizers were the Association “Center for modern living competences” from Serbia and the Amateur Sport Association “Ferfilo” from Italy and the funder Erasmus+. Karajić attended on behalf of the NGO Youth Power from Mostar, which is an international NGO with offices in Germany, Slovenia, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

The event, a part of a wider project about immigrants and asylum seekers as marginalized and stigmatized groups, was “based on the approach, principles, and methods of non-formal education” and intended train participants in online learning, specifically e-courses and online course development, including related competencies, and to contextualize them considering immigrants and asylum seekers.

“The first part of the training was focused on how social entrepreneurship can help refugees and asylum seekers. Through informal exercises and modules, we researched and learned about refugees’ situations in the six represented countries, as well as according to their national groups,” Karajić explained.

The second part dealt with “e-learning courses, where we learned about them and then developed, in groups, our own e-course on the topic of youth work,” she continued. Her group’s e-course is about formal, non-formal, and informal education and will be a part of a larger e-course, which is being compiled by the organizers.

“I had a wonderful time, meeting new people and learning new things, things which I never thought I’d learn. Namely, I learned how to create an e-course and actually created one. I look forward to using this knowledge to create such courses and make knowledge more accessible to more people,” Karajić recalled and elaborated.

Karajić represented both the Department of International Relations and European Studies of International Burch University and Bosnia and Herzegovina at the training course in Novi Sad, Serbia, as she was the only participant from the country since the other representatives were trainers, and not participants.

The Department fully supports and encourages both curricular and extracurricular learning, viewing them as complementary to one another. “The knowledge I got from university courses and the competencies I got from this training course support and build on one another, making me a better and more well-rounded individua,” Karajić said.

Karajić is one the best students at the Department, managing to excel both in academics and in extracurricular activities. She also spent a semester at the University of West Timisoara in Romania last year, representing the Department and the University n the best of lights there. We are very proud of our Iman Karajić.