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Melisa H. Mehmedović, IRES Graduate, to Continue Studies at Cologne University
Aug 05, 2019

Melisa H. Mehmedović, IRES Graduate, to Continue Studies at Cologne University

Melisa H. Mehmedović, a recent graduate of the Department of International Relations and European Studies, will continue her studies at the University of Cologne. She has been accepted to the Master program of the Department of Political Sciences at the Faculty of Economics, Management and Social Sciences of the University of Cologne in Germany.

In addition to being accepted to such a prestigious university, H. Mehmedović was also awarded a two-year scholarship from the Konrad Adenauer Foundation to offset tuition, travel, and living expenses while studying. This will enable her to focus solely on her studies, which will center on norm diffusion from Germany to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The University of Cologne is one of the best ranked universities in Europe and the world, being ranked 84th and 244th by Webometrics, respectively. Its student body is composed of over 6,000 international students from over 100 countries of the world, including Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as around 40,000 German students.

The Konrad Adenauer Foundation awards hundreds of students worldwide with scholarships to study in Germany, as a way to promote German values and support exemplary students. The BiH office nominates students each year and the KAS headquarters decides which students, out of several tens of thousands of nominations, merit scholarships.

H. Mehmedović is the second student from International Burch University, both of which were graduates of the Department of International Relations and European Studies, to receive this prestigious scholarship and continue their studies in Germany. Her predecessor was Kemal Nedžibović, who is studying European Studies at Flensburg University.

H. Mehmedović’s master thesis proposal centers on norm diffusion as a German foreign policy toward the Western Balkans and Bosnia and Herzegovina in specific. Based on the premise that domestic agency is marginalized in current theory and the dynamics of norm application is neglected, she will research how those norms are localized within specific contexts.

Using the Western Balkans as a case study of norm diffusion by German political actors to their Western Balkans counterparts, she will contribute to understanding contemporary international norm diffusion and how domestic actors embed practices and tailor them to ensure they match the latters’ identities and interests.

“Although I was familiar with KAS’s scholarship program, I became more familiar with it during and after the lecture Mr. Sven Petke held at International Burch University in May. Since I had already applied to the University of Cologne, I decided to apply for a scholarship from the Konrad Adenauer Foundation,” H. Mehmedović explained.

H. Mehmedović is one of the most active students at the Department, being significantly involved in various extracurricular activities, such as Burch Diplomacy Club and Humanity in Action, and simultaneously maintaining a rather impressive GPA throughout her first cycle of study at the Department of International Relations and European Studies.

“I am very happy that the Konrad Adenauer Foundation recognized my effort and potential and decided to support my continued education in Germany. They considered me one of the best students in the world, deserving of their scholarship, which is humbling. I look forward to a new chapter in my life,” H. Mehmedović said.

She plans on returning to Bosnia and Herzegovina after completing her Master studies at the University of Cologne to continue her doctoral studies and remaining involved in the civil society sector, of which she is already of a part. “I am going abroad to be able to contribute more and better to Bosnia and Herzegovina,” she concluded.

Although saddened by the departure of one of the best students, the Department is very glad to have produced yet another student in a relatively long series of students who have been awarded prestigious scholarship and who have enrolled in prestigious universities. We are very proud of our Melisa H. Mehmedović.