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Mr Azem Dervišević to IBU Students: “Knowledge cannot be taken away”
Dec 08, 2019

Mr Azem Dervišević to IBU Students: “Knowledge cannot be taken away”

President of the World Congress of Bosniaks, a successful American businessman and a former war commander of Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Azem Dervišević held a lecture to Burch University students and Richmond Park College Sarajevo on „Can Diaspora help BiH?ˮ

Dervišević opened his lecture with inspirational story of his life, and the path he made towards reaching his goals and now being one of the most influential people towards BiH. Mr Dervišević emphasized the 4 areas on how to reach safer and more prosperous BiH.

First step needed is to learn from the past and keep those lessons with us, to constantly remind ourselves what had happened. The second step is learning from experiences from BiH citizens living abroad. He continued with the goal of global connectivity and influence in BiH, and concluded with the self-respect and belief in our capacities.

Bosnia and Herzegovina can be seen from multiple points of views. It can be seen as a country with two entities and a District, and a country with two entity level governments. But, BiH is also a sovereign state with own currency. The both notions cannot be ignored. But what people ignore is the capacity of BiH to develop economically, and in every field.

“In BiH, only determined ones succeed. Be the best in what you do, and you will succeed.”, Dervišević inspired. The goal is to change and improve as individuals, and then as a society. Individuals and organizations can positively influence the society only throughout the strong unity with people who have the same goal.

The most of the society in concentrated in the observers, those who neither benefit nor damage the country. More and more people are passive, which needs to be changed on an institutional level, and aid those who want to work for the society.