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Samira Aličić, an IRES student, participated in AIESEC “Achieve ‘19”
Mar 18, 2019

Samira Aličić, an IRES student, participated in AIESEC “Achieve ‘19”

Between March 1st and March 3rd, Samira Aličić, a first-year student at the Department of International Relations and European Studies and currently on an Erasmus+ exchange at the Vytautas Magnus University in Lithuania, participated in an AIESEC conference in Vilnius with her colleagues from all over Lithuania.

The conference entitled “Achieve ‘19” for members of the five AIESEC local committees in Lithuania. As a member of AIESEC, Aličić participates in the work of AIESEC Lithuania, including such conferences. She is a new member of AIESEC and has plans to continue being an active member thereof upon her return to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“AIESEC is a non-governmental not-for-profit organization that is in consultative status with the UN Economic and Social Council, affiliated with the UN DPI, a member of ICMYO, and is recognized by UNESCO,” according to their website. In addition, AIESEC aims to gather youth for the causes of “peace and fulfillment of mankind’s potential.”

“The main point of the conference was to introduce new members to AISEC values, to prepare them for field work, and to improve their skills overall,” Aličić explained. Senior members, however, worked on their leadership skills in order to enable them to lead their committees more successfully.

The conference consisted of informal discussions, panels, and workshops for all members on a variety of topics. Topics discussed include the application of AIESEC core values to global problems, functional problem solving, teambuilding and teamwork through collective problem solving, and personal development mapping and planning.

Participants simulated local committee elections for president and vice-presidents of various portfolios, such as marketing, finances, outgoing volunteers, incoming volunteers, and managing talent. Afterwards, they worked together in the format of a national conference to solve national-level problems in the role they were elected to.

In addition, all participants had an opportunity to “discuss global issues, such as plastic waste, global warning, and inequality and discuss possible solutions to them. A common motif to all possible solutions was their orientation to individuals’ self-awareness as one of the core values that AIESEC tends to wake up in its members,” Aličić said.

Therefore, Aličić and the other members concluded that AIESEC is in a unique position to contribute to the positive resolution of global issues, through its multinational membership and intrinsic values, such the ability to empower others, its orientation towards solutions, conception of its members as world citizens, and members’ self-awareness.

Aličić is a member of the marketing team, where she works to promote the organization and its values, as well as near the values and principles of AIESEC to the wider population and especially potential members that could contribute to the realization of AIESEC’s goals and their individual well-being.

Aličić, as one of the most active and perspective students at the Department, was nominated for an Erasmus+ exchange to Lithuania, where she excels in both academics and extracurricular activities.We are very proud of our Samira Aličić, as one of the premiere students, as well as members of various non-governmental organizations such as AIESEC.