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IRES Student Samira Aličić on the Experience of Student Exchange Program in Lithuania
Jan 22, 2020

IRES Student Samira Aličić on the Experience of Student Exchange Program in Lithuania

Samira Aličić, second-year student of Department of International Relations and European Studies on International Burch University, spent her spring semester in Kaunas, Lithuania. As a part of Erasmus+ exchange program, Samira was a student of Vytautas Magnus University, in Kaunas.

With the aim to escape her comfort zone, student Samira Aličić decided to try something different in her life when applied to go to an exchange program. Erasmus+ program, which IBU offers to all students, is allowing them to have different studying experiences, gain new knowledge, meet new people around the world and live life from another perspective.

Ms Aličić, in her interview with AIESEC, talks about the beauty of Lithuania, the city of Kaunas where she lived and studies as well as about her adventure of 5 months in general. She was not only impressed by the culture and life there, but with her education and new knowledge she acquired.

“Apart from regular lectures which offered me different point of view and a lot about Lithuanian international stance, VMU holds impressive number of foreign students. Those students provided an insight into their culture, they were just another source of new information and knowledge none book can provide. I really hope to have another opportunity to go on an exchange again,” Samira points out.

Vytautas Magnus University, compared to International Burch University, is not much different, according to Ms Aličić. She pointed out that the main difference is in their time and lecture flexibility towards students as many work and volunteer, which VMU prioritizes. Extracurricular activities matter the most, just like at IBU, which Ms Aličić enjoyed while being a part of many clubs and activities VMU offered.

The exchange to Lithuania did not only extend her knowledge, but the trip also helped her improve herself and find new skills Ms Aličić never knew she had. “No matter how scary or impossible it may seem, it is crucial to make the first step, and go away from the comfort zone. Apart from knowledge gained, this is a perfect opportunity to develop your soft skills and meet new people, which is of great importance,” Samira concludes.

Apart from the learning, Ms Aličić enjoyed the beauties of the town of Kaunas and its long and rich history and culture. She added that the most beautiful part of the city is the Old Town, and the beautiful Kaunas Castle, which resemble those in fairy tales.

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