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Undergraduate Programme

International Relations and European Studies

The IRES undergraduate program is designed for students interested in social sciences and related disciplines. Our program offers a close collaboration with internationally renowned scholars, giving students excellent training in research methods and data analysis techniques. It comprises a comprehensive and interdisciplinary curriculum in contemporary International Relations, European Union studies, and research methods. There is also a particular focus on comparative politics, security, policy-making, and the study of democracy. 

Graduates of the program pursue employment opportunities in all branches of government and civil service, as well as in international business, international organizations, and NGOs. Our alumni work in politics and policy, research organizations, think tanks, and media. 

Joint Degree Programme

Upon successful completion of the program, students will be able to continue their education in all related graduate programs at leading European and U.S. universities.


  • language of instruction: English
  • possibility to gain basic knowledge of other foreign languages
  • international and multicultural student body
  • renowned and distinguished professionals
  • a brilliant mix of university professors and experts 
  • guest lectures with prominent speakers
  • intership opportunities